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There are 2 different options that you can do with Buy Proxies such as Semi-Dedicated Proxies and Fully Dedicated Proxies.

The Buy Proxies Semi-Dedicated Proxies are shared by a max of 3 people but they are more reliable then free ones and cheaper then fully dedicated proxies.Buy Proxies

Buy Proxies Semi-Dedicated Proxies :

  • Minimum Order Size: 5 Semi-Dedicated Proxies = $10/month
  • Max Order size: 100 Semi-Dedicated Proxies = $75/month

Buy Proxies Fully Dedicated Proxies :

  • Minimum Order Size: 10 Dedicate Proxies = $20/month
  • Max Order Size: 100 Dedicated Proxies = $150/month
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Buy Proxies


Buy Proxies are by far the best Proxies I purchased. I use a dedicated plan and have never had problems with Buy Proxies. Latency time super low 100-150 range! That’s faster than any other company I’ve used. So far I’ve never had a problem with timeouts, IP blocks and or bans and I use mine heavily. For the price and the performance there really isn’t a better option than Buy Proxies.


You might be wondering why I rated the Buy Proxies support only a 4.5. I ordered my proxies at around 10 p.m eastern time and it took about 8 hours before I was given my proxies, I paid with paypal for instant payment but I’m thinking that since I ordered so late at night that was the problem for me having to wait so long to receive them. But that is the only issue I have had so far with Buy Proxies. That’s not bad at all!

Buy Proxies

BONUS: SEnuke Friendly?

Yes! I have noticed that my success rate has drastically increased compared to the last company I was using.


Buy Proxies 1


  1. I started with and then tried 4 other cheap ones including Squid but ended up still using because the cheap ones were shitty in terms of speed. Now I’m with and I’m pretty happy with them.

    I use both dedicated and shared. For stuff where I don’t care if I get timeouts from time to time I used the shared ones and are more than decent. Sometimes they are as fast as the dedicated ones and timeouts are actually pretty rare since I don’t have huge load on them. The dedicated ones I basically abuse I have a dedicated server with 100mbps DEDICATED bandwidth and it is scraping/posting 24/7. For that I use the dedicated proxies. I actually managed to DOS quite a few sites because of a bug in my script which basically did 80 requests/second on the same domain.

    So yeah I’m with and hopefuly the quality lasts. Price is right too. Had some proxies before which were super expensive in comparison and weren’t really better as far as i can tell.

    Never needed support from the other two, only once from buyproxies and a few times from others and it was ok. Pretty fast and helped with what I needed. I think the support is handled by folks who are tech because they know wtf they’re doing as opposed with the others who gave me standard replies which didn’t helped (others being providers not listed here, not (1) and (2) which never needed support from).

  2. Okay folks, I have been using for the last week. It took a day to get my order filled but I placed it on a friday at 5PM so i didn’t expect much. Got it saturday and was pleased.

    The first day I had 6 of my ten stop working but before i could email about it i had 6 more already in my email. Awesome response time!!!

    In short, I am totally satisfied. Great service and they seem to know the importance of not keeping their customers waiting. So I would say that they are highly recommended.

    BTW, I did a 1.2 Million blast over many sites…..

    I specifically said I would use this for scrapebox and delivered!

  3. BuyProxies gets my vote too. Initially i tried out Squid Proxies but as my ips are dynamic and always changing, i cannot get Squid to work and i asked for a refund. I tried BuyProxies next and they really take time to resolve my dynamic ips issue and get the proxies to work. Thumbs up for their support!

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